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Pink Prep Zipper Clutch


Pinks and Greens can signify a Collegiate style or a summer heatwave. Pack your clutch with essentials for either experience. We used the popular Vlisco African Wax print and designed a clutch that’s perfect for carrying out or fitting all your bits and bobs in the bottom of your bag.  Pair it with a blue indigo print like the Nautical Indigo Tote or the White Stripe Baoule Tote



Expect slight variations in textile patterns and colors as each bag is handmade and no two African textiles are exactly the same. Our products are made with the highest quality assurance standards in mind so you will love your unique bags. For more information on product care practices read our product care page. 



  • Size is 9  x 7  inches
  • Zipper closure and inside lining
  • African wax print fabric 
  • Handmade in Ghana

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