Advertising is the way great brands get to be great brands.

Bringing handcrafted bags & accessories
to people who value fashion made
with sustainable & ethical
manufacturing practices.


Our name, Geometric, captures the fundamentals of human creativity and design. The interconnected lines, shapes, and patterns featured on all our products represent artistic expression across cultures. These motifs are especially found in materials from West Africa and carry meaning in their positioning. Look out for the symbolism in your product’s name,  design, and the way it was meticulously finished by hand making it unique to any other mass produced item.


Geometric partners with artisans in Ghana who are creatives, business owners, and entrepreneurs aiming to promote their work. We source our materials, design, and manufacture products with a team of expert makers. This results in shared success throughout the value chain and artisans getting access to training, sustainable income, and rigorous quality assurance standards.


We pride ourselves on capacity exchange between our team and artisans to create functionally designed products made with the highest quality materials. Through following these three principles. Excellence, Sustainability, and Promoting Art & Culture.

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