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Geometric is an accessories and apparel brand that puts positive social impact at the heart of our business model. We aim to benefit communities where we work on an environmental, economic, and educational level. 

We pride ourselves on capacity exchange between our team and artisans to create functionally designed products made with the highest quality materials. Through following these three principles, we’re able to ensure we are meeting our social impact goals:

    1.   Excellence in our quality assurance standards 

  • Apprenticeship program to train self-made tailors and/or artisans in design and manufacturing techniques
  • Continually testing our quality assurance standards and production methods  
  • Providing equipment and free training opportunities to our artisan partners and core team 
  • Helping reshape consumer buying habits so that you choose to buy something that lasts. Check out our Product Materials & Care page for information on how it’s made and how to preserve it.

2.    Sustainability on an economic and environmental level

  • All our products are manufactured with sustainable production practices such as low electricity use, natural dying, drying, and tanning techniques
  • Local material sourcing and use of reclaimed materials 
  • ‘Zero Waste Products’ are made from our textile and leather scraps 
  • Partnering with artisans to sustain traditional craftsmanship & building  Business development skills together
  • Team members and artisans gaining workforce development skills and better employment for their craft
  • Long term investment in craftsmanship

3.    Promoting art and culture 

  • Telling the ‘historical origins, creativity, and culture of the artists and countries we partner with; while amplifying their voices, entrepreneurial spirits, skills, and lives. 
  • Redefining beauty standards and practicing inclusion in all that we do 
  • Connecting customers & introducing you to the beauty of craftsmanship from around the world that can be integrated into daily wear and décor.

The Products & Materials:

We work with materials from throughout West Africa and the Caribbean. Creating jobs and opportunities for economic development, education, and art. 

  • Each collection has a theme and tells a story of traditional craftsmanship. 
  • Artistic expression is valued and credited to the origin of the materials 
  • Each product is made through sustainable practices that reuses and reclaims materials
  • Jewelry made from 100% brass welded by master artisans
  • Glass beads made from recycled bottles
  • Handwoven textiles sourced from throughout West Africa
  • Naturally tanned genuine leather
  • Carefully assembled by artisans in Ghana
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